Lisa Var-LeTha (verylisa) wrote in slatch,
Lisa Var-LeTha

Ravelry at last

I haven't wanted to join the knitblog world, but Ravelry looks very nifty and I finally scored an invite. Whee!

Here I am at Ravelry: verylisa

If/when you get a Ravelry account, consider adding me to your friends list.

You can sign up for a beta test invite, but they have been overwhelmed with people interested in the beta test and currently are backlogged for weeks. So be patient. It looks to be worth the wait. :)
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Waaah! I've been waiting for ages for my invite! Lucky you!
I have been waiting ages too. Signed up for the beta test as soon as I saw it mentioned. Apparently there has been some whining in the knitblogosphere about the slowness of invite-sending, but the Ravelry people assure everyone that the invites are going out strictly in order of sign-up. So be patient - it is worth the wait! Sooner or later all us knitters will be on there, and I can tell you right now I'll be handing some of my hard-earned over to them as soon as they reveal their business model. The site rocks. :)
That looks cool. I cant see anywhere where you can see a person's own page. The link you gave just goes to their home page.

I am drooling over those mermaid fingerless gloves!
I don't understand. The second link in the post above should go to my profile page on Ravelry. My Ravelry profile page has a link on the right side to "verylisa's website" which is just my LJ for now. What specifically are you looking for?
I was looking for your profile page... but that link didnt take me there. It took me to the home page. And I can't see any place on that where a person can see the profiles of others. I'm not thinking of joining, I was just curious.
Ah, I understand now. I logged out and tried again, and got the same result as you. It seems that you can only see the profiles of other users when you are logged in yourself. I hope they take that restriction away once the beta test is complete.
Yeah, I do too. It seems kind of silly. From what I can gather, it looks really interesting.
That does look like a good site. I'm having the same result as chaodyssey, though - both links take me to the sign-in page. When I mouse-over the second link it says it's to your profile, but clicking on either one takes me here.
Yes, sorry! It worked for me when I was logged in, and I can see other users' profiles. But it seems that profiles are only visible to other logged-in users during the beta test. Sorry I can't show you more yet!
That's ok, not your fault! I kind of thought it was something to do with the site still being in beta. Let us know how it goes - I'm not really looking for a knitblog, but I like to read other people's:)