Lisa Var-LeTha (verylisa) wrote in slatch,
Lisa Var-LeTha

Vintage clothing fair in Williamstown this weekend

Hi all.

I have been contemplating a possible late-notice slatching in Williamstown this weekend to coincide with the vintage clothing fair.

However, it seems that my lurgy is still tenaciously clinging to me. There are days of (mostly) fabulousness, and then days like today when I feel like shit once more. So I am hesitant to make any plans that I might have to drop out of again if the lurgy has other ideas.

If anything slatch-like does happen this weekend, it will probably start with a Sunday morning breakfast at Provisions in Williamstown, followed by a visit to the vintage fair and then a casual bit of stitchery in a cafe along Nelson Place somewhere (don't know exactly which one - I'd probably be inclined to just stroll along the promenade and plonk down in the most likely place).

The Provisions bit is the most dicey - they are flat-out busy on Sunday mornings and a booking is nearly always required. So maybe it would be vintage fair first, followed by lunch at Provisions instead. Or something.

Um. I'm confused and dopey and don't want to make any definite plans, but just want to get the idea into other people's heads instead of mine. Maybe tomorrow my head will be clearer.
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